Come save to your doctor

Why taxi instead of the Ambulance?

There is a distinction between non- qualified and qualified patient transport. When a qualified transport is needed the patient requires special medical care. For this, the ambulance are modernly equipped. For non-qualified patient transport no special medical attention is required.

Your decision to take a taxi helps to keep the vehicles of the emergency rescue free for patients that need it.

When you get a medical transport prescription?

If you are unable to walk or sit in a wheelchair, or are unable due to age and health reasons, to use  public transport!

Also in chemotherapy - radiotherapy - Dialysis OP Event - hospital admission - Physiotherapy etc.

How to get a transport request?

Your GP or your specialist may issue a transport permit for the taxi. The transport document must be approved by your health insurance before you can drive. The employees of taxi POTEN are happy to help in the obtaining of licenses and take the resulting correspondence to the controlling physician.

The grant is the sole responsibility of your health insurance company and not the issuing doctor! The decisive factor for a positive settlement is the medical indication!

Care and support!

The ladies and gentlemen of TAXI POTEN have the mandatory technical training for ambulance transport.

They look after you from the pickup to the doctors room and back. Escorts and family members are usually taken with us at no extra cost!

Which taxi company you can hire for your transport?

You can instruct the taxi company you trust for your transport! It is incorrect that only the nearest contractor may provide transportation.

Even if a taxi company is located in your area and for some reason you do not want to go with this company, you can opt for TAXI POTEN. You incur no additional costs.

Where you can take a taxi?

Basically, to the nearest hospital / clinics / physician / treatment centers, convalescent homes, etc., or in institutions that have taken over your treatment due to their specific facility. Information is everything! Inform yourself personally about the possibilities of health promotion on prescription via (03325) / 4577. We also offer cheap car sharing via replacement costs.

20 years of experience, makes us the most advanced medical transport company in Southern Burgenland!

Wheelchair transportation:

With our special vehicle we are able to take wheelchairs of all types, including electric wheelchairs! The patient will be able to sit in his wheelchair during transport! Our fleet is state of the art. All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning and pollen filter and disinfected regularly.

Taxi POTEN is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers.
The well-being of our patients is very important to us, because we believe that we can contribute positively during transport in a pleasant and discreet atmosphere with pep talks to the treatment process. With 30 years of experience in the ambulance business, the employees of taxi POTEN are very experienced and treat our patients as such.